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Protecting the interests of property buyers.

What is a buyer's agent?

A highly qualified agent who acts as a consultant for property buyers, providing advice and acting on their behalf to secure a property.

The end goal? Protecting the interests of buyers.

What do we provide?

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

A detailed analysis of the current real estate landscape with a focus on your chosen property, suburb, and other selection criteria.

Market Value Assessment

Axiom Realtors will visit and asses the value of your chosen property. We will advise you of its estimated current market value and potential future value if certain changes are made or circumstances arise. 

Property Inspection

Axiom Realty will inspect your chosen property and advise you of any red flags or warning signs of future costs, or factors which may reduce resale value or make resale difficult.


Would you represent yourself in a court of law? Would you write yourself a medical prescription? The obvious answer is no. The advice of a qualified professional is needed in matters concerning your financial health just as much as it is in legal and medical issues. 

Our advice can help ensure your long term financial health by:

  • Choosing the correct property with future growth potential.
  • Preventing the purchase of a property which may be detrimental to your financial circumstances.
  • Informing you of government grants.

Axiom Realty’s Buyer’s Agents have historically bettered the financial position of clients by considerable numbers. This may take place through negotiations with seller’s agents saving up to tens of thousands, or by preventing the purchase of a property which is likely to incur financial liabilities in the medium-long run. 

Absolutely! In the past, our agents have acted for clients at auctions, throughout negotiations, and for inspections. If you’re purchasing a property from interstate, this service is particularly helpful.  

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"I always tell clients, friends, and family that any two circumstances are never the same. This is especially true in Real Estate since every house, street, suburb, buyer, seller and so on is different.

Our Doors are always open to sit down and have a general chat about your circumstances.

It never hurts to ask!"
Amir Tabatabaei
Director, Axiom Realty