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do i need an agent?

Would you represent yourself in a court of law? Would you write yourself a medical prescription? The obvious answer is no. The advice of a qualified professional is needed in matters concerning your financial health just as much as it is in legal and medical issues. 

Axiom Realty’s Seller’s Agents have historically bettered the financial position of clients by considerable numbers. This may take place  through negotiations with buyers, a sound marketing approach, or slight improvements to the home prior to listing.

How we maximize your sale price


The property market is often volatile, and it can be easily influenced by changes in government, law, business, consumer sentiment and so on. It's important to consider the timing of selling your home in relation to the market's performance. Will holding off for one month result in a higher selling price? Alternatively, should you list immediately before an expected drop in demand? Axiom will help to clarify these questions and give honest advice on the timing of your listing.


Your home's sale value is highly dependant on the first impression of potential buyers. In fact, some small changes and touch ups can increase the price of a home significantly. Axiom will make recommendations and refer trades to ensure your home enters the market looking its best. Depending on your home's condition, this may include: repainting, furnishing, decorative pieces etc. Our advice is included, but any upgrades are at the owner's cost.


Axiom will never over-exaggerate your home's value in order to win your contract. We understand the importance of honest, reliable information and the impact it can have on your life. Our team will obtain a realistic valuation based on: Market Research, RP Data Reports, Future projects in surrounding areas, Demand & Supply trends, Suburb Growth.


Using a combination of modern and traditional methods we will advertise your property to general buyers and our own database of investors. Our methods include: Social Media Channels (Facebook, Google, Instagram),,, Flyers in the neighbourhood, Newspaper advertisement, Private & Public Inspections etc. 

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"I always tell clients, friends, and family that any two circumstances are never the same. This is especially true in Real Estate since every house, street, suburb, buyer, seller and so on is different.

Our Doors are always open to sit down and have a general chat about your circumstances.

It never hurts to ask!"
Amir Tabatabaei
Director, Axiom Realty