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I must preface this review by stating that I have inherent distrust and low confidence for real-estate ‘professionals’. This is a position has resulted from years of constant and repeated disappointing experiences dealing with this industry.

Close to a year ago, I was in need of finding someone to manage a property. After receiving multiple quotes, Axiom quote was the cheapest and wasn’t the most presentable – it had all the basic info I needed but lacked the glossiness of some of the other higher cost proposals. After making my selection, I called Amir to inform that I had selected someone else. I felt I owed that to Amir as he had been constantly checking in with me about my selection status. During this call, he respected my decision but pointed out that I had acknowledged that he had the lowest quote and also Axiom had included an Owner favouring contract terminating option in writing. In other words, Axiom probably missing out for being the most cost effective. Wanting to give an opportunity to a smaller business, decided to change my selection and offered the contract to Axiom.

The initial contract was for a property that I was in the process of purchasing. After purchase, the property required multiple renovations/improvements completed. Amir worked with me to get all that work completed often using his existing contacts/service providers. This followed by two additional property purchases and both of these also required work done before rent ready. Once again Amir managed all that. These repairs/improvements weren’t simple, all kind of convoluted difficulties transpired but were able to overcome working with Axiom. I have another property coming out of contract in May and now I intent to offer this contact also to Axiom.

I had held back writing this review for all most six months as I wanted to be certain that the service I received is not the honeymoon period service. Also wanted to make sure service levels upheld during difficult issues not just day to day mundane status. There has been enough of such difficult scenarios with the three properties and I am happy with the way Axiom handled those and service I received.

Axiom and Amir have not only assisted in my property needs but also contributed to slowly and cautiously building respect and credibility for Real-estate profession again.